World’s largest TIAB mechanical installation, Cochrane, AB

THERMENEXToday marks a key milestone on the Town of Cochrane’s new Aquatic and Curling Facility project with the install of Thermenex’s TIAB unit. Tango are providing project and construction management services to the Town of Cochrane for this major project.

The TIAB combines all the benefits of its Thermenex system in a pre-fabricated Thermal Energy Plant housed in an insulated, structural enclosure that can be transported, hoisted and installed on a roof or pad.  TIAB is a holistic, thermal integration system that saves installation cost on job sites and saves Greenhouse Gas emissions for decades to come, the most sustainable HVAC+R integration package for large buildings and districts available today.

The Thermenex system is a prefabricated hydronic system that plumbs into all the HVAC and refrigeration systems in a building, which, together with its thermal management software recovers nearly all the heat in the building.  Building total annual operating costs can be cut in half, greenhouse emissions drop dramatically.

The system is made up of a thermal gradient header, a chiller farm and a thermal logic controller that integrates all of a building’s HVAC+R systems as a collective thermal resource.  It reuses all the heat that is available from the building systems so that the building can, to a great extent, heat itself.